The dangers of over indulging

In life there is nothing as pleasing and gratifying as indulging in a vice of some kind. You may have just the one little indulgence such as a naughty glass of wine or a sweet tooth for ice-cream, cake and biscuits; or on the other hand you may be a party animal and have an entire stack of bad habits and fancies, the likes of which would put a rock star such as Keith Richards to shame. Either way, you will have at least one of some sort because we all do.


Moderation, moderation, moderation

The problem with indulgences and vices comes when they get out of hand and they begin to impact upon your life, your health, and your finances. For example, the occasional binge on rich, unhealthy foods such as pizzas, curries, cakes, and sweets will do no harm in the long run, but it certainly will do if you do it often, week in week out. The same can be said of nights out, going out on a shopping splurge with a partner in crime, and any of the other countless indulgences that millions of us have; moderation is the key.

Below are a number of ways in which you can keep your fancies in check, without them causing you too much trouble (hopefully).

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Accept that you are going to indulge and set yourself a cap

If you know that you are going to buy a double chocolate gateau which weighs as much as your leg, or will definitely go out with your friends to drink rum in suits, or simply that you’re going to get that bag of crisps, accept that it is going to happen and set a limit on how often you are going to do it and stick to it. By making your whims and fancies an occasional treat in this way, you are dealing with yourself honestly and probably avoiding the guilt that will come when you inevitably fail if you try abstinence from something you take great pleasure in.


Limit access to your vices

Moderation can be very tricky indeed when your precious vice is under the same roof calling out to you. Whether your vice is unhealthy food, wine, internet shopping, or a trip to the pub, do what you can to keep temptation at arms-length by making it as difficult to get to as possible. For example, leave your bank card at home and only pop £20 in your wallet if you have been asked by friends but don’t want to spend too much. Or avoid buying that family bag of crisps from the supermarket and those six packets of hobnobs that you fancied; sweets and treats are much less appealing when you have to walk 10 minutes or so to get them.

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Keep track of how much you are spending

This is easier said than done of course but by keeping some kind of perspective regarding your finances and spending, you can keep a lid on how much you are indulging your desire for treats. There are a million different vices out there which appeal to a million different people with a million different preferences, but one universal similarity that all vices seem to have is that they seem to have a nasty habit of gobbling up money quickly. Little things like only paying for your treats by cash and by keeping a tally of what you have bought and how much you have spent can help stop spending from getting out of hand. After all, each and every one of us will have been stung by the convenience and detachment that paying by card affords us.

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